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Capri Boats The Original Capri

Capri Boats The Original aim to make your holiday on Capri truly unforgettable. You will find the Capri Boats' boats not only stable but also extremely comfortable. As they encircle the island, passengers can explore the wonders of Capri, passing by the Faraglioni, the Blue Grotto, the White and the Green Grottos, and the Tiberius's fall, discovering some of the hidden secrets of Capri's coast.

They can also explore, under the guidance of an expert diver, the mysterious under-water caves. In addition, Capri Boats offers evening trips to see dramatic sunsets or the Faraglioni by moonlight. Capri Boats The Original can provide facilities for any type of fishing and will be pleased to supply the necessary equipment.

Capri Boats The Original provides transfer services for Naples, Procida, Ischia, Sorrento, Nerano, Positano, Amalfi and Sardinia and Sicily (Aeolian islands).

Capri Boats The Original

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