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Capri Marine Limousine Capri

Explore the Capri coast aboard a luxury motoboat

Three reasons why you'll love it here

  • Multi-day cruises between Capri and the Amalfi Coast
  • Moonlight sails beneath the Faraglioni sea stacks
  • Choose the indulgence of a luxury speedboat

The dramatic coast of Capri with the sun warming your skin while the sea breeze whips through your hair and the azure waves stretch for miles around: it may seem like a film set, but it's just another extraordinary day at sea with Capri Marine Limousine.

More Than Just an Island Tour

Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Ischia, Procida...even the Pontine Islands! We can take you to just about any destination with our luxury Capri Marine Limousine speedboats.

For either "day trips" or weekly rentals, you can combine a sail with a visit to one of Italy's most beautiful seaside villages, including Positano, Ravello, Nerano, Amalfi.

If you long to sail under a canopy of stars, you can choose to draw out your trip into the evening and stop for a romantic dinner in one of the best restaurants on the Sorrento Peninsula or the Amalfi Coast.

The sunset over the Mediterranean, i Faraglioni in the moonlight, a toast in Positano: make your time on one of our sea limousines the highpoint of your trip!

12 Meters of Luxury

Hop on board our Tornado 38 speedboat, complete with all the amentities for the most comfortable sail you can ask for, and discover the magical coast of Capri, with its jewel-like sea caves, tiny coves, and unforgettably dramatic cliffs. Your sail will create memories lasting a lifetime, from the Faraglioni rock formations to the Bay of Marina Piccola, from the famed Blue Grotto to the countless inlets jutting into the island's'll see the best of Capri from the sea!

The speedboat has a capacity of up to 11 passengers, between the cabins and galley below deck and the large sun deck with awning above, to enjoy the best of the sun outside and the shade inside for your entire sail.

Your Private Water Taxi

Boat transfers have never been so elegant, comfortable, and fast: Capri Marine Limousine offers exclusive "water taxi" services at competitive prices for any destination along the Bay of Naples, from the Sorrento Peninsula to the Amalfi Coast, making any transfer by sea a pleasant sail.

Capri Marine Limousine

Excursions by sea

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