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Capri Time Capri

Timeless timepieces, made in Capri

A much-loved symbol of Capri, the clock fixed to the bell tower in the Piazzetta has been ticking away the seconds, minutes and hours since the 17th century.
Almost 400 years later, Pippo Perez, son of a famous jeweler, had the brilliant idea of creating a wristwatch which would reproduce the island's famous clock to perfection. Thus Capri Time was born.

Wrap a piece of Capri around your wrist

A veritable collector's item, Capri Time's The Original was the first of a range of watches featuring the reproduction of Capri's best-known clock, closely followed by Square, Wave, Scuba, Colors and Easy.

Using you can choose and order your Capri Time watch and have it delivered direct to your door

Looking for a timepiece which reflects your personality and lifestyle? Capri Time has the watch for you!

The keepsake which keeps the time

The display of watches and wall clocks in the windows of Capri Time's boutique, in the glamorous Via Camerelle, never fails to draw the crowds.
In fact, as any concierge worth his salt will tell you, this is the perfect place to pick up that unique souvenir of Capri, a present for that special somebody or a gift for those back home...


Capri Time is located in Via Camerelle, in the heart of Capri's elegant shopping district and within easy strolling distance of the island's famous Piazzetta.

Capri Time


Via Camerelle, 10b - 80073 Capri (Napol)
Tel. +39 081 8375418

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