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Enoteca segreta Capri

The Enoteca Segreta ("the secret wine shop") is a tiny little store in which to find a surprisingly vast selection of the island's celebrated gastronomic products, as well as specialities produced in all the other regions of Italy. Wine, is of course, the major protagonist, the walls of the shop lined with all of the most prestigious Italian labels.

The Enoteca Segreta was born from the Pollio family's passion for authentic foods and wines and from their deep respect for the land from which they are produced. Together with their dedicated staff, the Pollio family aim to both conserve the ancient local traditions and, at the same time, transmit their knowledge and enthusiasm to all their customers.

In addition to a vast number of wines, the Enoteca Segreta stocks a superb selection of champagnes, liqueurs and grappas. For those looking for that stylish kitchen or dining room accessory, the Enoteca Segreta has a small section full of gift ideas.


The Enoteca Segreta is located on Via Roma, just a few steps away from the center of Capri. A narrow flight of steps leads, from the road, to this "secret" shop. The Enoteca is within easy walking distance of the Piazzetta.
Given its position just off the carriageway, customers can also come to the wine shop by taxi, bus, or by car, in which case they can leave their vehicle in the nearby car park.

Enoteca segreta

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Via Roma, 64 - 80073 Capri (Napoli)
Tel. +39 081 8375445


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