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Fishing fun in the sea surrounding Capri

Fishing in the shadow of the Faraglioni. If you've always wondered what it's like to fish in the sea surrounding the island of Capri, now's your chance to find out - with Fishing Capri!

Live like an islander

A day spent with Fishing Capri starts early, with the preparation of the bait. As soon as the bait has been prepared (or caught, in the case of live bait!) it's time to board the Pequod and set sail.
The Pequod is a veritable fishing machine. On board the boat you'll find all the equipment you'll need, aswell as a selection of drinks and snacks.
It doesn't matter whether you're a professional or an absolute beginner; your time spent fishing in the sea surrounding Capri is guaranteed to be magical!

Book a Fishing Tour and you'll get 4 hours fishing in some of the most beautiful patches of water around Capri -and a complete tour around the island included in the price!

Meet the crew

Captain and fisherman, Capri-born Costanzo Guida is the heart and soul of Fishing Capri and the person who will assist you during your day at sea and provide you with all manner of useful tips and advice.
Want to fish with an expert? Ask to sail with Michele Prezioso, a well known fishing tackle representative and reporter who knows the Bay of Naples like the back of his hand!

Fishing for fun

With Fishing Capri, it's up to you which technique you use. Although Capri's fishermen' almost always fish with live bait, vertical jigging, inchiku or bottom fishing are available too. Most fishing is done close to the coast. The only time the boats sail far out to sea, is for big game fishing.

Fancy fishing for squid? Join one of Capri Fishing's night time expeditions anytime between August and October!

What fish can I catch in the waters close to Capri? Snappers, groupers, swordfish, dorados, spearfishes, albacores and big tuna (for immediate release)... just some of the types of fish you can expect to find swimming in the sea surrounding the island.

Fishing Capri

Excursions by sea

Porto di Capri - 80073 Capri (Napoli)
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