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Friends of the Certosa Capri

The Certosa di San Giacomo (Charterhouse of St. James), nestled on the slopes just below the main town of Capri, was founded as a Carthusian monastery between 1371 and 1374 by Count Giacomo Arcucci, nobleman of Capri and personal advisor to Queen Joanna I at the Angevin court of Naples. The Certosa has survived raids by Saracen pirates, plague, invasion, religious suppression, abandonment, conversion for use as a prison, military barracks, school and hospital, and has emerged into the 21st century as a priceless architectural treasure and cultural resource. The Certosa consists of a large vaulted Chapel with frescoed ceiling, a Refectory, a large Cloister surrounded by Monastic Cells, a small Cloister featuring elegant marble columns with Roman capitals and numerous interconnected buildings including the newly restored Prior's Apartment, all spectacularly set within a garden overlooking the azure sea and the famous Faraglioni Rocks.

The Friends of the Certosa di Capri, established in 2006, is an international association of charitable organisations dedicated to the restoration and support of the Certosa di San Giacomo in Capri. Its member organisations provide a focus for international support and events and raise funds on a tax-deductible basis for the purpose of making grants to the Certosa.

Fawn Wilson White
International Chairman


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