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L'Oasi Ceramiche Anacapri

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L'Oasi Ceramiche Anacapri

Original artisan ceramics, made with love on the island of Capri

Three reasons why you'll love it here

  1. Bring home a handmade souvenir from the island
  2. Small masterpieces blending traditional and creativity
  3. In the center of Anacapri

The bright colors of the hand made ceramics will catch your eye, from the smallest creation to larger decorative pieces.

L'Oasi Ceramiche, a small shop along the picturesque Via Axel Munthe, offers a vast selection of products, from souvenirs to decor for the home, from complete table settings to lovely serving dishes, not to mention the host of wonderful gift ideas.


L'Oasi Ceramiche is located in Anacapri along the picturesque street leading to Villa San Michele.

L'Oasi Ceramiche

Local products

Via Capodimonte, 1/a - 80071 Anacapri (Napoli)
Tel. +39 081 8373646


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