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Mister Bar Capri

A cocktail bar in Capri - just where you want it

Your own personal bar on the island of Capri. Whenever you want it, wherever you want it. Sounds good? Sounds like Mister Bar Catering!

Every hour's a happy hour

Great friends, great music and... a great cocktail bar. All the ingredients you'll need for a party you and your guests will remember. Call Mister Bar Catering and they'll set up a bar with the theme of your choice in your villa, by your pool, on your yacht or, if you like, even on the beach!
Whether you opt for the classic Martini bar or a trendy Concept, Exotic, Fluo or Molecular bar, you can expect to enjoy delicious drinks and finger food, served by a team of professional barmen.

Get down, on deck!

Sailing to Capri and want to organize an unforgettable onboard event? Mister Bar Catering will transform the deck of your yacht into a glamorous bar, in minutes!

Grappa bar, cigar menu, champagne and oysters: you name it, Mister Bar will arrange it!

Munches to match? Take your pick from a selection of organic nibbles, sushi, and Mediterranean sea food.

Make a lasting impression

If you've chosen to host an event on Italy's oh-so-glamorous island of Capri, it's because you want to impress.
Which is the same reason why those-in-the-know enlist the services of Mister Bar Catering every time they want to ensure that high profile art exhibition, much-awaited book presentation or talk-of-the-town engagement party not only lives up to, but exceeds expectations.

Start the event off with a bang and, instead of the predictable welcome drink, wow! your guests with exotic fresh fruit cocktails from the Tiki bar or pizza and artisan beer from the Pizza bar!


Mister Bar Catering's head offices are in Capri but the company's services are available for parties and events on the neighboring island of Ischia, the seaside town of Sorrento and anywhere on Italy's gorgeous Amalfi Coast too!

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