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Nesea Cultural Events Capri

Guided Walks and Itineraries around Capri

Nesea is a cultural association founded by a group of young women who are passionate about their island home of Capri and equally passionate about sharing Capri's history, culture, and gorgeous scenery with both their fellow residents and passing visitors.

Nesea has been organizing creative workshops, cultural walks, guided tours, food and wine itineraries, and theatrical and artistic performances since 2010 in a move to spread the knowledge of Capri's local traditions and culture.

There are two types of organized walks:


  • Medieval Capri: Beginning from the Piazzetta and ending at Certosa di San Giacomo;
  • Villa Fersen - Amori et Dolori Sacrum: History and legends surrounding Tiberius' villas;
  • In the heart of Anacapri: Guided tours of the local churches and a walk along the winding alleyways of Capri's second town, ending at Villa San Michele;
  • Giardino della Memoria: A guided visit of the Protestant Cemetary of Capri.


  • From Villa Jovis to Villa Lysis: Discover the history and nature of this corner of Capri from the times of ancient Rome to the 20th century;
  • From the Arco Naturale rock formation to the Belvedere di Tragara overlook: Observe the island's geological evolution, visiting Matermania and following the trail along the coast to Villa Malaparte.
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