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The Sea Gull Capri

Ceramics from Capri: made with love, painted by hand, since 1950

Ceramics + Capri = The Sea Gull. For more than half a century, ever since 1950, this little shop within meters of the Piazzetta has been selling beautiful hand-painted ceramics to the locals (houses on the island are full of them!) and to those visitors keen to take a little piece of Capri back home with them.

An explosion of color!

Hand-painted in the colors of the sun, sky and sea surrounding Capri, The Sea Gull's artistic ceramics are a veritable explosion of yellow and blue. Produced by artisans renowned for their skill and creativity, The Sea Gull's ceramics are 100% Made in Italy.

Capri all over the world

Plates, vases, clocks, ornaments, figurines: if you're looking for a unique souvenir of Capri, or a special gift for those back home, you'll find it at The Sea Gull! Worried your precious ceramics may not survive the airport luggage handlers? No problem - The Sea Gull ships all over the world!


It's easy to find The Sea Gull. This fascinating little shop, filled with exquisite, hand-painted ceramics, is located within meters of Capri's famous Piazzetta. The beautiful shop sign is amongst the most photographed on the island!

The Sea Gull

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