Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"

Travelling with a group? You can easily fit on these larger boats...

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  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"

Do you want to organize a boat tour of Capri with a large group of family or friends? Then rent a large gozzo or lancia, either of which are able to carry up to 12 passengers. These are the perfect boats for groups of 5-6 passengers, allowing ample space for everyone to spread out, bask in the sun, and move around on board.

The gozzo and the lancia are both traditional wooden boats from the island of Capri, which are very stable on the water and can easily reach the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula. Larger models often have a cabin and bathroom. These boats can also be used for transfers back and forth between the Amalfi Coast and Capri. You can store your luggage under cover while you enjoy your boat trip relaxing on the sundeck.

A large gozzo or lancia is always rented with a skipper.

Information about boat trips for families and groups on Capri

How many people can a traditional wooden boat carry?
On Capri, there are large versions of the gozzo and lancia that can hold up to 12 passengers.
Do these boats have a restroom on board?
Yes, these boats are used for longer trips so the larger models always have a bathroom on board.
How much does it cost to rent these larger boats?
Prices begin at EUR 250 for two or three hours, but usually these boats are rented for at least a half day.
How can I organize a transfer from Capri to Positano or Amalfi, or viceversa?
A large gozzo or lancia is perfect for both transfers and tours, so you can book a full day sail departing from Capri and arriving in Positano (or viceversa), including a tour of the island and the Amalfi Coast, with a stop at the Li Galli islets. There is always room for luggage on these boats.
Can I organize a private event on these boats?
Of course! You can even organize a small wedding celebration at the foot of the Faraglioni. If you have more than 10 guests, you can arrange for a group rental with a number of boats together. This is the prefect solution for small parties or private events.

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