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Capri Luggage Travel services Capri

Capri Luggage - Travel light, travel right

Ship your luggage ahead to Capri and travel hassle-free
No stress, no delays: your bag will be waiting for you in your hotel
Do all the shopping you want without having to worry about going over weight

Capri Luggage

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Capri Luggage - Capri

You arrive in Naples, make your way to the port, board the ferry, disembark on Capri, take the funicular, taxi, or bus up the the town of Capri, and push your way through the crowd under the hot sun to your hotel...all while dragging your heavy suitcase. Let's be honest: it's not always easy to get to Capri, and often you arrive flustered and stressed out. But now there's a perfect solution for an easy and relaxing arrival: Capri Luggage, the island's shipping service that allows you to send your bags ahead, with pick-up from your home and delivery at your hotel or villa on Capri!

Travel light and travel easy by shipping your luggage ahead!

It's quick and easy to reserve: book your shipping online or by telephone, and the courier will pick up your bags at your home or business on the day you choose, and deliver them directly to your accommodation on Capri so you will have them waiting for you upon arrival. What could be simpler?

Clear Pricing and Convenient Booking

Prices begin a ,35 to send a small bag from the mainland in Italy to Capri, and you won't have to worry aboutee xtra charges on the ferry or having to pay a porter services to take your bags through the center of Capri town, which is completely pedestrian. Capri Luggage can also take care of shipping your luggage from Capri to your home, which is the perfect solution if you want to do some shopping on the island.

Capri Luggage is managed by Capri Logistic Service, the leader for over 20 years in commercial shipping to and from Capri, which has partnered with a network on the most important international couriers to insure fast and secure delivery of luggage from any part of the world.

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