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Trail of the Forts Verified

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Capri Official Guides - Trail of the Forts

Trail of the Forts

A trail between sea and sky along the most pristine side of the island of Capri.

By Capri Official Guides


  • The Trail of the Forts begins at the Blue Grotto and ends at the lighthouse, skirting the northwest coastline of the island and running from watchtower to watchtower, built during the reign of Napoleon. This hike combines history with gorgeous landscapes, and explores the western side of the island.
  • Fortino di Orrico
  • Fortino di Mesola
  • Fortino di Pino

Additional information

This hike is of medium difficulty along semi-rough terrain, with frequent climbs up and down. Hiking shoes are required, and you must bring a bottle of water. We recommend beginning the hike in the early morning or the late afternoon in the summer months to avoid the heat of the day.
Duration: about 3 hours

By Capri Official Guides

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