Capri Online - "Maratona del Golfo" Capri-Naples

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Capri Online - "Maratona del Golfo" Capri-Naples

Sun 2 September 2018
Time: 09:30
Partenza dai Bagni Le Ondine

Free event

"Maratona del Golfo" Capri-Naples

36 Kilometer Open Water Swim

The open water swimming marathon from Capri to Naples is one of the most well-known and attended swim competitions in the world.
The 36 km route followed by the swimmers includes a leg chosen by the athletes based on the sea currents and an obligatory leg marked by buoys beginning more or less at the Castel dell'Ovo in Naples and finishing at the "Circolo Canottieri" boating club.

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The race usually follows this schedule:

  • 9:45 am Official race start time (Lido Le Ondine - Marina Grande, Capri )
  • 10:00 am Start time for sea and land sports in Naples on Via Parthenope, Via Nazario Sauro, and Molosiglio
  • 3:45 pm Official race athletes arrive at the Circolo Canottieri Napoli
  • 5:00 pm Award ceremoney at the Circolo Canottieri Napoli
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