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Kukai Capri Capri

Japanese cuisine just steps from the Piazzetta

Via Listrieri, 21 - Capri
Kukai Capri Restaurants Capri

by Kukai Capri

Massimiliano Neri


Kukai Capri - Capri

Capri, the turquoise sea, a cocktail at sunset...what more could you want? How about a stunning array of fresh and flavorful sushi made by Kukai, known for years in Naples for its excellent Japanese cuisine. Now you can have these same dishes on the island, thanks to Kukai Capri, the Japanese restaurant and take-away in the center of Capri.

The Islands of Japan and Capri Combine

Kukai Capri is located on Via Listrieri, one of the picturesque lanes in the Medieval section of Capri just steps from the Piazzetta. The design is based on a blend of elements symbolizing Japan and Capri, with a clean and modern glass and metal decor from Japan softened by the blue color palette of the island of Capri to give the room a relaxed feel. During the day, the intimate restaurant is a cool oasis from the island heat, and in the evenings the two plate glass windows are thrown open to the warm breezes of the sea.

Mediterranean Sushi

Kukai Capri uses fresh fish from across the globe, carefully shipped to preserve its freshness and flavor, but highlights local island fish and the catch of the day on its menu. The rice is imported from California, which grows the prestigious "Koshinikari" variety, considered ideal for sushi.

The specialty of this unique restaurant are the spectacularly beautiful sushi sets created by the chef or composed with pieces selected by each diner. Each is served in an elegant lacquered box, perfect for an elegant take away or a picnic at sea.

For a meal on the water, Kukai can deliver to any vessel docked in the port, and uses coolers to keep the sushi at the perfect temperature. Enjoy your order with a custom Kukai special edition wine for an unforgettably unique and delicious picnic at sea!

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