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Alberto e Lina Capri

The ''jewellers, La Campanina by Alberto & Lina might easily be considered part and parcel of the recent history of the island of Capri. Situated close to the Piazzetta, on Via Vittorio Emanuele, the island's exclusive shopping street, La Campanina has, since the very first day it opened in 1950, constituted an obligatory port of call for lovers of traditional, handcrafted jewellery and gold.

Exquisite creations, once the fruit of the passion of Alberto and Lina Federico, are now made by the couple's sons, Marioli and Filippo. Today's clients can expect to receive the same courteous and attentive service which so appealed to La Campanina's first customers. Whilst seated in the elegant foyer of the jewellery shop, clients enjoy the traditional hospitality for which Capri is known and loved.

Whether they be intending to purchase an article of great importance or the smallest of token gifts, customers can expect to receive the very same level of consideration and professional advice. Over the years, any number of Italian and international celebrities have been enamoured by the spontaneous affability of the Federico family and by the originality of the jewellery displayed.

With an unbeatable location in the Piazzetta of Capri, Gem is the latest addition to the Federico family's jewellery empire. Gem offers an exciting range of jewellery and watches, especially designed for a younger clientele, interested in the very latest trends.


La Campanina by Alberto and Lina is situated in the heart of Capri, on the exclusive shopping street of Via Vittorio Emanuele and just a few steps away from the island's world famous Piazzetta.

Alberto e Lina


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