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Your boutique hotel, made in Capri

Three reasons why you'll love it here

  1. A 5 star gem with view of the sea surrounding Capri
  2. Panoramic pleasures in your room and by the pool
  3. The delicious Mediterranean cuisine served at lunch

Located on Via Tragara, the pathway which leads to the viewpoint of the same name, Hotel Casa Morgano is situated in one of Capri's most beautiful residential areas, a neighbourhood characterised by a series of sumptuous villas surrounded by magnificent Mediterranean gardens.

A fabulously romantic retreat, ideal for honeymooners, Hotel Casa Morgano is both intimate and exclusive. In the lounge, embellished with stucco work, large floor-to-ceiling windows frame breathtaking views of the sea and the Charterhouse of San Giacomo.

Casa Morgano's bedrooms and suites are decorated in a style typical of Capri's most elegant villas. Exquisite majolica floor tiles, soft drapes, and luxurious linens are standard features in all rooms. Each apartment leads out on to a spacious private terrace where to relax and bathe in the sunshine. At lunch time, wonderfully light, yet flavour-packed, Mediterranean food is served at tables overlooking Casa Morgano's attractive little swimming pool.

Guests sojourning at Casa Morgano enjoy the use of a nearby tennis court as well as the hotel's own poolside relaxation area and fitness room. A "Personal Shopping Card", issued to all guests, entitles the holder to substantial discounts in many o


Hotel Casa Morgano is located on Via Tragara, the panoramic pathway which, from the center of Capri, leads all the way to the Belvedere Tragara viewing point.
From the terraces of the hotel a spectacular view of the Charterhouse of San Giacomo and the sea of the Bay of Marina Piccola can be seen.

What travellers said about this hotel

  • Casa Morgano is exactly what you would expect from a luxury boutique hotel in Italy: small, intimate and with impeccable service.

    Elizabeth S. and 81 others agree with this

  • Fabulous hotel: peaceful yet central. The limited number of rooms creates an intimate atmosphere. Service was discreet and attentive.

    Nicola M. and 45 others agree with this

  • Although the bed in our room was stiff as a board, we loved our time at Casa Morgano. The most helpful, friendly and genuinely interested staff we have ever come across. Wonderful memories.

    Jeremy M. and 7 others agree with this

  • We were making 20 years of marriage. It was fantastic. We have been to some 5 star hotels, but this one is the best !!!

    Virgilio B. and 5 others agree with this

  • really lovely, I just hope they don't lose their authentic Capri-ness in their attempt to meet foreign customers needs

    Angelo T. and 13 others agree with this

  • We've never encountered staff quite as upbeat and attentive as at Casa Morgano. Simply unique, and a reason that we--who never like to go to same place twice--would come back to Capri/Casa Morgano!

    Lawrence B. and 6 others agree with this

  • great hotel, beautiful rooms, marvelous views, staff attentive and always ready to help, generous and varied breakfast, spotlessly clean, a real gem.

    Ciro P. and 28 others agree with this

  • The hotel has a spectacular view of the sea, one of the best on the whole island.

    James L. and 65 others agree with this

  • The location of the hotel is fantastic: within easy reach of the Piazzetta of Capri and yet far from the chaos.

    Alex A. and 78 others agree with this

  • Amazing hotel made you feel as if you were at home - just incredible

    adrian e. and 6 others agree with this

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