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Centro Caprense Ignazio Cerio Capri

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Centro Caprense Ignazio Cerio Capri

The history of Capri

That Capri has existed for millions of years is testified by the pre-historic rocks and fossils conserved within the walls of the Centro Caprense Ignazio Cerio, a museum and library founded in 1949 by the Engineer and writer Edwin Cerio and his sister-in-law, the American painter, Mabel Norman.

The museum, located within steps of Capri's famous Piazzetta, is comprised of four exhibition halls, home to the fossils discovered during the construction of the Quisisana hotel; items found in the tombs and villas of the Ancient Roman emperors who once resided on Capri; and examples of the island's unique land and marine fauna, such as the Blue Lizard, which inhabits the Faraglioni rocks.

As well as hosting high-profile conferences (numerous Nobel prize winners have made speeches here), the Centro Caprense Ignazio Cerio organizes expert-led museum visits for school groups and all those interested in discovering the history of Capri.

Times and tickets:
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Open: Monday to Saturday
Closed: Sunday and Public Holidays
Opening hours: April - October: 10.00 - 16.00; November - March: 10.00 - 13.00
Entrance: Adults € 2,50. Children under 14 and adults over 65 € 1,00. Entrance with guided tour: € 6,50


Centro Caprense Ignazio Cerio is located in Piazzetta Cerio, close to Capri's Piazzetta and within easy walking distance of the island's funicular railway.

Centro Caprense Ignazio Cerio


Piazzetta Ignazio Cerio, 5 - 80073 Capri (Napoli)
Tel. +39 081 8376681


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