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La Prora

3 Star Hotels

Via Castello, 6/8 - Capri
La Prora 3 Star Hotels Capri

Imagine being on this terrace!

This hotel is no longer part of the collection

La Prora

  1. You're just a few meters away from the Piazzetta
  2. The view of the bay of Naples form your room
  3. Family style hospitality in the heart of Capri

La Prora - Capri

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Right at the start of the 20th century, a naval officer decided to build a house on the island of Capri, in a panoramic position overlooking the sea.
This is how La Prora, now a family-run hotel, was born. Situated in the medieval center of Capri, La Prora lies just steps away from the Piazzetta and enjoys splendid views of the Bay of Naplesor the historic center, from each of its windows and sun-kissed terraces.

A hospitality of times past awaits guests staying in this refuge of peace and tranquility. In Hotel La Prora's eight, sea view bedrooms the simple Mediterranean elegance, typical of the island's private homes combines with modern conveniences to provide maximum comfort.

La Prora is the perfect choice for those eager to experience life on the island of Capri. After a generous breakfast, served in the panoramic dining room, guests head off to explore the historic center of Capri, popping in to the little craft shops, artist's studios and delicatessens hidden amidst the maze of medieval lanes.
The bathing establishments of Marina Piccola and Marina Grande, washed by the warm Mediterranean sea are just a short bus ride away.

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