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Terrazza Tiberio Capri

Tastes of Tiberio

Restaurant Terrazza Tiberio offers an enticing combination of excellent regional cuisine, a marvelous view of the center of Capri and the luxury of the Capri Tiberio Palace Hotel & Spa, one of the island's most exclusive 5 star establishments.

Terrazza Tiberio's exciting menus are the result of collaboration with one of the most prestigious restaurants in the Bay of Naples: the Politelli family's Terrazza Calabritto. Seasonal ingredients of the highest quality provide the inspiration for the exquisite gastronomic specialties prepared by the young Capri-born chef, Marco Iaccarino, who, after having worked in a number of prestigious eateries on the island and beyond, brings his undying passion for Mediterranean cooking to the Capri Tiberio Palace Hotel & Spa. Terrazza Tiberio's well-researched wine list features a faultless selection of the finest wines from the Campania region and the other wine producing regions of Italy.

Guests dining at Terrazza Tiberio eat either in the stylish dining room or on the restaurant's splendid panoramic terrace. On warm summer evenings, the terrace provides an unbeatable romantic venue for a candlelit dinner to remember.


Terrazza Tiberio is the restaurant of the Capri Tiberio Palace Hotel & Spa, one of the most prestigious 5 star hotels on the island of Capri.

The restaurant is located just a few minutes away from Capri's legendary Piazzetta, the heart of the island's glamorous social life, and the elegant Via Camerelle.

Terrazza Tiberio


Via Croce, 11-15 - 80073 Capri (Napoli)
Tel. +39 081 9787861 - Fax +39 081 8374493


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