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Getting around Capri


Wondering how to get around the Island of Capri, Italy? Here are all the methods of transportation available on the island:

  • Funicular
  • Public bus
  • Taxi
  • Boat
  • On foot

Non-resident vehicles are prohibited from Easter to the beginning of November, and regardless are not particularly of use as the centers of Capri town and Anacapri are completely closed to traffic and there is very little public parking available.

Getting Around Capri

Getting around:

  • From Marina Grande to the Piazzetta: funicular
  • From Marina Grande to Anacapri: bus or funicular (to Capri town) + bus
  • From Capri to Anacapri: bus
  • To the Blue Grotto: boat from Marina Grande or bus from Anacapri

How to purchase tickets to public transportation

There are a number of different public transportation companies on Capri, one manages the funicular and another the public buses. There is no daily pass that can be used for all public transportation, so passengers must purchase a one way ticket for each ride.

  • Bus & funicular tickets: €2
  • Baggage supplement: €1.80

Passengers on Capri's public transportation are allowed one piece of luggage per person, weighing a maximum of 10 kg and measuring 23cm x 30cm x 50cm (roughly the size of a carry-on bag). To transport your bag, you must pay a supplement. Bags larger than the maximum allowance can be transported by porter service or taxi. All baby strollers and carriages must be folded before boarding buses or the funicular.

In addition to the ticket office in Marina Grande, you can purchase tickets at the Capri town terminal located in Piazza Martiri d'Ungheria (one minute from the Piazzetta) and in Anacapri in Piazza della Pace. Tickets can also be purchased at newsstands.


The funicular runs between the port in Marina Grande and the Piazzetta in Capri town above, taking just a few minutes to complete the trip. The Capri stop is behind the Piazzetta. Courses run every 15 minutes (for example: 9:00, 9:15, 9:30...), though during the most crowded times the funicular runs non-stop. As soon as you arrive at the port, purchase your tickets at the ticket office to the right on the pier. The trip only lasts 4 minutes, though you can often find long lines of passengers waiting to board at Marina Grande, as only 70 passengers can ride at one time. If the line is long and you are travelling with a small group, it may be worth it to hire a taxi. The fares are fixed at €17 for up to 4 passengers and €20 for up to 7 passengers. There are often long lines to take the funicular back down the hill to Marina Grande, as well, so you can walk down: the stairs begin at the Piazzetta and lead to the port in about 15 minutes by foot. Otherwise, there are buses up to Capri town that depart from the stop on Via Marina Grande or pier 21.

The funicular runs from early morning to 10:00pm, after which there is a substitute bus route. This service closes during the months of January and February, and is substituted by a bus route.

Useful information

  • Ticket: €1.80
  • You must pay a supplement for luggage and pets.
  • Departures: every 15 minutes
Funicular Schedule


Public buses on the Italian island of Capri are minibuses, carrying just a few dozen people at once. The most popular line runs between Capri and Anacapri, but there are routes across the island. Usually, buses depart every 15 to 20 minutes, though more often in high season.

The main bus routes

  • Capri - Anacapri: 15 minutes
  • Capri - Marina Piccola: 20 minutes
  • Marina Grande - Anacapri: 25 minutes
  • Marina Piccola - Anacapri: 25 minutes
  • Anacapri - Blue Grotto: 20 minutes
  • Anacapri - Punta Carena Lighthouse: 20 minutes
Bus Schedules

Our tips:

There is often a long line waiting to board in Anacapri's Piazza Vittoria, near the chairlift to Mount Solaro. To be sure to get a seat on the bus to Capri, all you need to do is walk about 100 meters up Viale Tommaso de Tommasi to the preceding bus stop and board there.

If you don't suffer from vertigo and you'd like to admire the spectacular view, sit on the right side of the bus running uphill from Capri to Anacapri.

Many parts of the island of Capri are easily reached on foot, especially if they are downhill! When the island gets crowded, it's often more enjoyable to take a leisurely walk to your destination than to wait in the long line at the bus stop under the hot sun.

    Here are the main alternative walking routes:
  • Capri - Marina Grande: 15 minutes (down flights of stairs the entire way)
  • Anacapri - Marina Grande: 30 minutes down the 900 steps of the Phoenician Steps.
  • Capri - Marina Piccola: 20 minutes down the steps of Via Mulo


A fun way to get around Capri is by taxi. All the taxis on the island are open-top and can fit up to 7 passengers. If you are travelling with a small group, you'll find that hiring a taxi is not that much more expensive than using the public bus. Most fares are fixed, and drivers also offer daily rates so you can have a taxi available all day to explore the island. This is the perfect solution for those visiting Capri for just one day, and don't want to waste time standing in line at the bus stop. Daily rates must be agreed upon with each individual driver.

Getting Around Capri

Download the list of taxi fares

Do you want to call a taxi?

  • Taxi Anacapri, Piazza Vittoria - Tel. +39 081 8371175
  • Taxi Capri, Piazza Martiri D'Ungheria - Tel. +39 081 8376657


In high season, non-resident vehicles are prohibited from circulating on the island, so for those who would like to explore the island independently, renting a scooter on Capri can be the ideal solution. The main scooter hire agencies are in Marina Grande right next to the pier, and in the towns of Capri and Anacapri.

The Mount Solaro Chairlift

Monte Solaro is the highest point on the Island of Capri (589 meters above sea level) and the peak can be reached easily using the chairlift in Anacapri. The trip uphill takes 12 minutes, and has beautiful views over the historic center of the town of Anacapri from a unique vantage point, passing directly above the rooftops, surrounding fields, and woods, almost touching the treetops with your feet.

You can reach the chairlift by climbing the stairs from Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri. The chairlift runs relatively close to the ground, so can even be taken by those who suffer from vertigo.

Mount Solaro Chairlift Hours

  • From March to October: 9:30am - 5:30pm
  • From November to February: 10:30am - 3:00pm
  • Price: €7:50 one way, €10 round trip

Getting Around by Boat

Capri is a steep island, and getting around almost always means winding your way up- and downhill. This is why it is often faster and easier to get from one place to another along the coastline by boat.

During your sail, you can stop for a meal in one of the many restaurants along the coast specialized in light and refreshing salads and fish and seafood dishes.

Boats, with or without skipper, can be rented in Marina Grande.

Boat tours for the Blue Grotto also depart from Marina Grande. Boats for the beach clubs beneath the Faraglioni sea stacks (La Dontelina and Da Luigi) depart from Marina Piccola.

You can also tour the Island of Capri by sea with an organized group tour departing from the docks at Marina Grand. A boat tour of the island lasts a couple of hours and can include a stop at the Blue Grotto, where you'll be rowed inside in traditional wooden boats.

Those who arrive on Capri aboard their private boat can dock at the Marina of Capri, which provides all marina and shore services. Because of the high number of requests during the summer months, we recommend booking a boat slip in advance.

Getting Around Capri

Getting Around Capri: Quick Guide

The main public transportation on the Island of Capri are orange buses and the funicular. The principal ticket offices are located in the port in Marina Grande and next to the Piazzetta in Capri town. The towns on the island are connected by a road open to traffic, so can also be reached by taxi and rental scooter.

Getting to Anacapri from:

  • Marina Grande - Bus (direct, or with a transfer in Capri)
  • Capri's Piazzetta - Bus
  • Marina Piccola - Bus (direct, or with a transfer in Capri)
  • Punta Carena - Bus
  • Blue Grotto - Bus

Getting to Capri from:

  • Anacapri - Bus
  • Marina Grande - Bus or funicular
  • Marina Piccola - Bus
  • Punta Carena - Bus to Anacapri, then tranfer to Capri
  • Blue Grotto - Bus to Anacapri, then transfer to Capri

Getting to Marina Grande (Capri) from:

  • Anacapri - Bus (direct, or with a transfer in Capri)
  • Capri's Piazzetta - Bus or funicular
  • Marina Piccola - Bus to Capri, then transfer to Marina Grande
  • Punta Carena - Bus to Anacapri, then transfer to Marina Grande or Capri
  • Blue Grotto - Bus to Anacapri, then transfer to Marina Grande or Capri

Getting to Marina Piccola (Capri) from:

  • Anacapri - Bus (direct, or with a transfer in Capri)
  • Capri's Piazzetta - Bus
  • Marina Grande - Bus to Capri, then transfer to Marina Piccola
  • Punta Carena - Bus to Anacapri, then transfer to Marina Piccola or Capri.
  • Blue Grotto - Bus to Anacapri, then transfer to Marina Piccola or Capri.

Getting to the Blue Grotto (Anacapri) from:

  • Anacapri - Bus
  • Capri's Piazzetta - Bus to Anacapri, then transfer to the Blue Grotto
  • Marina Piccola - Bus to Anacapri (direct, or with a transfer in Capri), then transfer to the Blue Grotto
  • Punta Carena lighthouse - Bus for Anacapri, then transfer to the Blue Grotto
  • Marina Grande - Bus or funicular to Capri, then transfer first to Anacapri and then to the Blue Grotto

Getting to Punta Carena (Anacapri) from:

  • Anacapri - Bus
  • Capri's Piazzetta - Bus to Anacapri, then transfer to Punta Carena
  • Marina Piccola - Bus to Anacapri (direct, or with a transfer in Capri), then transfer to Punta Carena
  • Blue Grotto - Bus to Anacapri, then transfer to Punta Carena
  • Marina Grande - Bus or funicular to Capri, then transfer first to Anacapri and then to Punta Carena

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