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How do I get to Capri? By sea, of course! Ferries depart from Naples, Sorrento, and, during the summer season, from Positano, Salerno and Ischia.

For much of the year, only those vehicles belonging to residents are allowed to circulate on Capri. Cars are of little use on the island, much of which is closed to traffic anyway and, whatever the time of year, you would be wise to leave your wheels on the mainland.

Getting here

During the summer months connections are also available from Positano, Ischia, Salerno e Castellammare.
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Private car transfers from Rome and Naples airports.
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Motorboat transfers from Naples, Sorrento, and other destinations around the Bay of Naples.Motorboat transfers

Helicopter transfers from Rome, Naples and other Italian cities. Helicopter service - transfers

How to arrive on the Island of Capri from:

The journey from Rome to Capri can be a long one. If you are flying into Rome, you'll want to calculate at least three hours from the moment you land, and that's only if you manage to make all the connections.

From Rome's Fiumicino airport, the fastest way to get to the city's main, 'Termini', railway station is by the Leonardo Express.

From Termini railway station a number of trains regularly run to Naples, from where you will be able to board boats to Capri.

  • Eurostar Freccia Rossa (TAV): this is the fastest type of train, taking little more than an hour to reach Naples from Rome. Tickets cost circa 40.00 euro each.
  • Intercity: the journey from Rome to Naples by intercity train takes about two hours. Tickets cost circa 20,00 euro.
  • Interegionali: by far the slowest option, these trains stop at every station between Rome and Naples, bringing the journey time to almost 4 hours. Tickets cost just 10.00 euro but, unless you are on a really tight budget, we wouldn't recommend it.

You can purchase train tickets at the station (at the ticket office or from one of the automatic dispensers) or online using the Trenitalia website. Discounts are often available for passengers buying their tickets online, in advance.

From Rome's Ciampino airport, take a bus to the city's main Roma Termini railway station and follow the directions above.

How to arrive on the Island of Capri from:

Once in Naples, you can board boats to Capri from two ports: Molo Beverello and Calata di Massa. Molo Beverello is located in the Piazza Municipio, almost directly opposite the city's 'Maschio Angioino' castle, whilst Calata di Massa is located about a kilometer to the east (facing the sea). A complimentary shuttle service links the two ports. High speed ferries depart from Molo Beverello Ferries and regular and slow ferries all depart exclusively from Calata di Massa.

High speed ferries are faster and slightly more expensive than regular and slow ferries. Single tickets from Capri to Naples cost circa 18.00 euro. Regular ferry tickets cost approximately 13.00 euro.

The times of ferries sailing to Capri are subject to variation, and travelers are well advised to consult the web sites or contact the navigation companies or Capri tourist office prior to departure to confirm departure times.

In you're traveling in the peak months of July and August we suggest you try to get to the port as early as possible so as to be sure of boarding.

Help! I'm feeling sea sick already!

In the summertime, the sea in the Bay of Naples is generally extremely calm and so, if you are travelling in high season, you are unlikely to feel sea sick.

  • Choose to travel by regular or slow ferry, rather than by high speed ferryl
  • Always sit towards the back of the boat
  • Avoid looking out of the window, and try to focus on an object directly in front of you or, better still, close your eyes and listen to a bit of music

How long does the journey from Naples to– Capri take?

  • Slow Ferry: 80 minutes
  • Regular Ferry: 50 minutes
  • High Speed Ferry: 40 minutes

How to get to Molo Beverello from Naples Capodichino airport

BUS - stationed just outside Terminal 1, "Alibus" buses regularly run between the airport and the center of Naples. Tickets cost circa 3.00 euro and can be purchased from the driver on board. The journey takes roughly 40 minutes. The bus stops at Piazza Municipio, within easy walking distance (3 mins.) of Molo Beverello.
TAXI - you'll find licensed taxi cabs at the stand directly outside Terminal 1. Avoid anybody asking you if you need a taxi inside the airport building. We suggest you ask your driver to apply the fixed rate to the port (circa 22.00 euro), before starting your journey.

How to get to Molo Beverello from Piazza Garibaldi railway station

Although from Naples' main Piazza Garibaldi railway station buses and trams regularly run past the port of Molo Beverello, given the crowds and the difficulty of knowing exactly when to get off, by far your best option is to take a taxi. Licensed taxis wait at the stand just outside the station. Before you start your journey, we suggest you ask the driver to apply the fixed rate to the port (circa 10.00 euro).

Arriving by helicopter

  • Sam Elicotteri Capri

Sam Elicotteri operates a helicopter transfer service linking the Island of Capri with all of central Italy's principal cities, including Rome and Florence. Flights are available to all the major destinations on the Costiera Amalfitana, the Bay of Naples, Sicily and Sardinia. Transfers by helicopter provide the most panoramic, comfortable and, above all, fastest way to reach Capri, saving precious hours which can be spent exploring the island.

How to arrive on the Island of Capri from Sorrento

Ferries to Capri depart from Sorrento's Marina Piccola port. In the summer, crossings are frequent (circa every 30 minutes). The journey lasts about twenty five minutes. You can quickly reach the port of Sorrento from the main Piazza Tasso via a steep flight of steps. Although this route is short, if you're carrying suitcases, you might want to make the uphill return journey in one of the shuttle buses linking the port with either Piazza Tasso or the elevator to Villa Comunale.

Our tip

The journey from Sorrento to Capri is an incredibly scenic one: sit on the left hand side of the boat to enjoy the best views!

And once I arrive on the island Capri?

Once you arrive on the Island of Capri, if you have lots of luggage, ask for the assistance of one of the porters waiting on the dock. They'll make sure your bags are delivered direct to your hotel. The service costs circa ten euro for each piece of luggage: this may seem expensive, but unless you fancy dragging your bags up the steep little lanes of Capri, worth it!

To get to the Piazzetta, you can either take the funicular (the station is located directly opposite the docks, and the ticket office just to the right) or one of the island's legendary open top taxis. The taxi fare will set you back around ¤15.


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