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Capri: Imperial villas, medieval churches, elegant 19th century residences, magnificent coastal walks, flower-strewn mountain slopes and, of course, the shimmering blue Mediterranean sea.

Exotic and voluptuous, like the brightly colored flowers which refuse to be contained within the gardens of its elegant villas; tumbling over the walls and filling the little lanes of the island with great cascades of exquisitely scented bougainvillea and campanula: since ancient times, the island of Capri has been enticing travelers with its quite irrepressible beauty.

Although the natural beauty of the island far outshines that of even the most glamorous of its visitors, no trip to Capri can be considered complete without having first attended the people parade in the legendary Piazzetta. It is here, in this tiny square bordered by chic pavement cafes, that the world’s beautiful people come to be seen, swathed in the designer clothes and jewelry purchased moments earlier in the exclusive boutiques lining the streets of the historic center.


Three massive sea stacks sculpted by the wind and sea: the symbol of Capri.

Marina Piccola

The bay home to famous beach clubs and fish restaurants with view of the Faraglioni

Marina Grande

The busy port of Capri offers visitors their first taste of life on the magical island.


Just a few square meters in which to experience the magic of Capri's Dolce Vita.

Historic center of Anacapri

The piazzas, churches and museums of the quietest corner of Capri.


A unique monument crafted by the wind and sea and a spectacular coastal pathway.

Villa Jovis

The best conserved of Tiberius' villas, offers a unique insight into the life and times of the emperor.

Augustus Gardens - Via Krupp

Flower-festooned terraces overlooking the Faraglioni and a spectacular path carved in to the cliffs.

Charterhouse of St. Giacomo

A fascinating edifice dating back to the 14th century, now home to a museum containing precious works of art.

Tour of the island

The boat trip sailing around the island's dramatically beautiful coastline starts in Marina Grande.

Grotta Azzurra

No doubt the Blue Grotto is the greatest tourist attraction on the Isle of Capri, but it is above all a magic place.

Mount Solaro

By chairlift, floating above vegetables gardens and vinyards to the summit of the island's flower-strewn mountain.

Villa San Michele

The beautiful island home of Axel Munthe, now a museum containing the Swedish physician's collection of ancient artefacts.


An enchanting pathway which winds its ways through woods and vineyards to one of the island's most spectacular viewing points.

Towers and Forts

A series of forts built by the British punctuate the pathway tracing the coastline between the Grotta Azzurra and Punta Carena.

Punta Carena

Dominated by Italy's second most powerful lighthouse, an inlet famous for its warm waters and glorious sunsets.

Villa Damecuta

On a great spur of rock almost directly above the Grotta Azzurra, Tiberius' Villa Damecuta is one of Anacapri's most visited sites.

Beyond the Island of Capri

The sunny Mediterranean port of Sorrento, the wonderfully romantic Amalfi Coast and the enchanting islands of the Bay of Naples.


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