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Motoscafisti di Capri Capri

Sailing around the island, since 1955

Founded in 1955, for more than half a century Motoscafisti di Capri has been sailing tourists around the island; introducing them to Capri's many magical sea caves, the magnificent Faraglioni, the lighthouse and, of course, the legendary Blue Grotto.

Motoscafisti's boats set sail from the company's private pier in Marina Grande. The Tour around the Island, the trip to the Blue Grotto, and the trip to the Faraglioni are all time favorites. Boats are manned by expert seamen, all of whom speak excellent English.

The company also organizes private excursions and charters to the Amalfi Coast and all the other destinations on the Bays of Naples and Salerno, with the possibility for onboard entertainment.

For private excursions, Motoscafisti di Capri has a fleet of 10 meter long "lance" boats, the largest on the island; equipped with sun deck, soft water shower and ice box. On board picnics, including Capri's traditional tomato and mozzarella panini are available, on request.

In addition, Motoscafisti di Capri is the only company authorized to provide boating services to cruise liners anchoring off shore of Capri.


Motoscafisti di Capri are located in Marina Grande, the island's harbor and fishing district. The ticket office is situated on the company's private pier, at the entrance to the docks.

Motoscafisti di Capri

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P. le Marina Grande, 282 - 80073 Capri (Napoli)
Tel. +39 081 8375646 - Mob. +39 081 8377714

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