Capri - From Torre della Guardia to Faro

Capri From Torre della Guardia to Faro

Far from the crowds, walking on the wild side of Capri


Suggested Itineraries

Suggested Itineraries

Sites of interest


da Gelsomina Migliera

Bathing Establishments

Swimming-pool up on the hill

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da Gelsomina
Typical local dishes and home made genuine wine
Lido del Faro
Typical cuisine & seafood specialities under the Lighthouse
Mamma Giovanna
A traditional family run restaurant in Anacapri

Bathing Establishments

da Antonio
The terrace by the sea
da Gelsomina Migliera
Swimming-pool up on the hill
Lido del Faro
Sun, sea and fabulous food? By the lighthouse of course!


Capri Philosophical Park
The Philosophical Park on Capri unites nature and life's biggest questions.

Featured hotels

Relais Maresca

4 Star Hotels

One of the most ancient structures existing on the island of Capri, not far from the shore of the charming...


3 Star Hotels

Your private terrace on the beauty

Caesar Augustus

5 Star Hotels

There's not a view in the world which can compare with that seen from Capri's Caesar Augustus

Grand Hotel Quisisana

5 Star Luxury Hotels

When the luxury is limitless and the elegance effortless, you know you're at Capri's Grand Hotel Quisisana...