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Capri Philosophical Park Anacapri

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Capri Philosophical Park Anacapri

On the beautiful island of Capri the three most beautiful spots, according to the local population, are Monte Solaro at the very top, Arco Naturale in Capri, and Belvedere di Migliara in Anacapri.
On about 11,000 square meters at the Belvedere di Migliara you can now find some sixty quotations from the best Western philosophers and thinkers from Delphi until today. They are placed on small majolica tiles along a path discretely made inside the original nature as it was when another Swede, Axel Munthe, came to the island some 120 years ago.

Close to the old Belvedere di Migliara, at the end of Via Migliara, only a few meters away from the Park, you will also find a 'Belvedere dei Filosofi'.


When you arrive to your hotel on the island of Capri and feel ready for an excursion, ask for the bus to Anacapri, go to the end stop, 'il capo linea', the only stop after Piazza Caprile, and ask the driver or anybody from the place for the way to Belvedere di Migliara where the Park is located. You can walk there in half an hour.

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