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Bite-size guide to the island in fall and winter

Why should I visit Capri in the late autumn or winter?

Bite-size guide to the island in fall and winter
Bite-size guide to the island in fall and winter
Bite-size guide to the island in fall and winter
Bite-size guide to the island in fall and winter
Bite-size guide to the island in fall and winter
Bite-size guide to the island in fall and winter
Bite-size guide to the island in fall and winter
Bite-size guide to the island in fall and winter
Bite-size guide to the island in fall and winter
Bite-size guide to the island in fall and winter
Bite-size guide to the island in fall and winter
Bite-size guide to the island in fall and winter
Bite-size guide to the island in fall and winter
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Want to come to Capri in the autumn or winter, but worried you'll find everything closed? Here are a few insider tips for those keen to discover a different kind of Capri: wild, romantic, and almost completely tourist-free!

Low Season: Late Fall and Winter on Capri

From the beginning of November to the week before Easter, most of the businesses on the island that cater to tourists close for the season, and only the shops, cafès, and restaurants that locals use remain open.

Tips for Visiting Capri in the "Off Season"

  • Check the weather and sea forecasts: ferry routes may be temporarily suspended when sea conditions are unfavorable in the autumn and winter, so take the time to check the weather forecast before travelling. If you've decided to come to Capri in the winter, the best way to get here is by ferry or fast ferry (operated by Caremar). The boats may be a little slower than hydrofoils, but they are cheaper and, more importantly, whilst hydrofoil services are almost always cancelled when the sea is rough, ferries invariably continue to sail. Bear in mind that from January to March Capri's funicular railway is closed and the service replaced by a bus. Ferry times to and from Capri
  • Pack for Cool Temperatures: despite what you may think, it's not summer all year round on Capri! Though temperatures are never polar, the wind and damp can be problematic if you have not packed accordingly!
  • Stay in a B&B: The majority of Capri's hotels are closed from early November until Easter. This said, there is an ever growing number of B&Bs on the island, nearly all of which stay open all-year-round. To find out who's open and who's not, check out our online booking site: Find a hotel on the island of Capri

Special Autumn and Winter Offers 2016/2017

Take advantage of low season special offers for your trip to Capri!
This year, a number of island hotels and restaurants will stay open through the fall and winter. See prices and availability

Hotels Open in the Low Season

Excelsior Parco
Casa Mariantonia
Capri Wine Hotel
Hotel Villa Ceselle
Gatto Bianco
Regina Cristina
Mediterraneo Guest House
La Reginella
Hotel Bougainville
Quattro Stagioni
Palatium Mari
Villa Palomba

B&Bs open in autumn and winter on Capri: see prices and availability.

A low season fall or winter stay on Capri means you can take advantage of low season prices for tours and other services! Here are some examples:

- Round Trip Transfer to the Blue Grotto

With Motoscafisti di Capri: EUR 10 instead of EUR 15

- Taxis

Moving in Capri autumn/winter rates
Porto - Anacapri: EUR 18 instead of 23 (1-4 people); EUR 23 instead of 28 (5-6 people)
Capri - Anacapri: EUR 13 instead of 18 (1-4 people); EUR 18 instead of 23 (5-6 people)

- Transfer from Naples or Rome

With Trial Travel and Capri Tour, special autumn/winter rates.
Transfer from the Naples or Rome airport to the Beverello pier or your hotel.
Transfers from the port of Capri to your hotel.

- Guided Tours

With Capri Official Guides, more than 25% off the official rates.
For example:
Three hour tour of the center of Anacapri: EUR 100 instead of EUR 150
Other available tours: hike on Mount Solaro and Cetrella; tour of Villa Damecuta, the Fortini trail, etc...

- Events

Themed dinners featuring local specialties
Theatrical events
Organized by Kaire Arte Capri

- Restaurants open

Take a look at our updated list of restaurants open and events scheduled Capri during the dates of your stay.

Contact your hotel for further information regarding all these services and events.

What can I do?

Walk of course! Make sure you stroll through the Gardens of Augustus, which is free during the winter. One of the best walks is along Via Tragara with its fabulous view of the Faraglioni at the end from the Belvedere di Tragara .

Another all-year-round attraction is the chairlift to Monte Solaro. In the winter, the chairlift is open until 4 pm. On a clear winter's day (without the risk of summer haze!) the view from the summit is particularly spectacular. Don't be lazy: by all means, take the chairlift up to the top of the mountain, but make the descent in foot, via the pretty cliff edge church of Cetrella. On your way down, stop at Villa San Michele, open all year round.

Hikes and Walks on Capri

If the weather is fine and the sea is calm, you can visit the Blue Grotto. To check if it is open, take a look at our Blue Grotto page which we keep updated each day, or ask at the tourist information office located in the Piazzetta (081 837 0686). Don't give up just because the ticket office is closed: ask one of the local fishermen in Marina Grande and, miraculously, a boat will appear!

On warm days, you can even bask in the sun on the Marina Piccola beach, located on the south side of the island where the wind is less harsh and the temperature always a few degrees warmer than elsewhere on the island. It's not unusual to find islanders swimming all year round.

This photos was taken January 15th:

Where should I go to eat?

One advantage of coming to Capri in the winter is that the usual tourist traps are all closed and your chances of living and eating like a local are blissfully high! At the base of the clocktower in the Piazzetta, you'll find a list of open restaurants. Here's our list of tried and trusted winter watering holes:

  • E' Di Vino: a restaurant-wine bar hidden away in a little lane off Via Le Botteghe. Once a private home, the beds, sofas and traditional kitchen table of which are still on show, the restaurant has a distinctly vintage feel - as does the menu, comprised of old fashioned vegetable soups, stockfish, and semolina puddings....? - Address: Vico Sella Orta, 10/a Tel: +39 0818378364 - Closed Tuesday
  • Verginello: a simple restaurant famous for its good honest food and a view of the Bay of Naples guaranteed to take your breath away. Needless to say, the locals love it. Verginello does a great pizza too, available at both lunch and dinner. - Address: Via Lo Palazzo, 25/A (at the bottom of the steps next to the post office on via Roma) - Tel: +39 081 8370944

  • La Piazzetta: don't be fooled by the name, you won't find this restaurant in Capri's famous square but rather in Marina Piccola. Whilst in the summer months, meals are served in the terrace facing the Faraglioni, in the winter customers eat inside in the sea-view dining room. On warm winter days, you can ask to eat on one of the few tables outside. The fish dishes are fabulous. Don't dare leave without having tried the souffle: served warm with two little dishes of dark and white chocolate. Want to ease your calorie-induced sense of guilt? Walk back to the center of Capri up the tortuous Via Krupp - Address: Via Marina Piccola 126 - Tel: +39 081 8370944 - Open for lunch only

If you decide to stay the night on the island, we suggest you have dinner in Anacapri, home to two of the island's best eateries:

  • Da Gelsomina alla Migliera: one of the most famous restaurants on Capri for its excellent home-style food. In November and December, open only on the weekend; open during the week after mid-March. We suggest booking for lunch to take a lovely walk along the Migliera lane.

Here is an updated list of open restaurants and events scheduled on Capri

Where can I get a good coffee?

The only bar in the Piazzetta to stay open throughout the winter is the Piccolo Bar. A great choice for a shot of hot coffee or warming aperitif, both in and outside (the bar has some incredibly effective patio heaters!).

Won't they rip me off?
Don't worry, contrary to popular belief, a coffee in Capri's Piazzetta costs as much as anywhere else in Italy: EUR 1.10 if you drink it standing at the bar, EUR 4 if you drink it at one of the little tables outside.

Have a question? Ask us!

Recommended experiences and tours

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Rent your scooter online - Full Day (6 hours)

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Ciro Capri Boats - Boat Tour of Capri Pick

Excursions by sea

Boat Tour of Capri

Boat tour around the island of Capri on board a traditional 7.5 meter "gozzo" boat, with a large cushioned sundeck

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Excursions by sea

Tour of the Isle of Capri by boat "Fratelli Aprea 7.80"

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With its discreet charm the "Fratelli Aprea 7.80 open cruise" is the model that more than others represents the tradition and the classic line of Gozzo Sorrentino.

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Capri Blue Boats - Tour of Capri from Marina Piccola on a Gozzo Pick

Excursions by sea

Tour of Capri from Marina Piccola on a Gozzo

Boat tour of the island of Capri with skipper departing from Marina Piccola. Duration: 2.5 hours.

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Pizzeria Aumm Aumm €€

Yummy scrummy Anacapri!

Tel. +39 081 8373926

da Gelsomina €€

Unforgettable food with an unforgettable view

Tel. +39 081 8371499

E' Divino €€

Tales of the unexpected

Tel. +39 081 8378364


Al Piccolo Bar

Let's meet in the Piazzetta!


Capri Philosophical Park

A Philosophical Retreat along the Migliera Path.


Kaos Music Lab

March to a different drum!