2021 Bus & Funicular Schedules

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Are you planning a trip to Capri, Italy? Here you can check bus and funicular schedules.

Due to anti-COVID-19 measures, public transportation schedules may change without prior notice and posted schedules will not always be updated minute-by-minute.

Route: Marina Grande - Capri

The funicular is closed, but there is a bus service departing from the funicular station entrance in Marina Grande. The funicular will open again in April.

Schedules are updated based on the information provided by the transport companies and refer to the current week unless otherwise indicated in the notes. From April to October, routes run much more frequently. We suggest you double-check the schedule a few days before your travel dates!


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  • The ticket offices are in Marina Grande and at the bus terminals in Capri and Anacapri. If you board the bus at other stops, you can purchase tickets on board.
  • If you think you'll be taking the bus more than 4 times in the course of a single day, purchase a daily pass.
  • From May to September, long lines can form at the main funicular and bus stops. Consider alternative routes.

Contacts for public transportation companies on Capri:

Piazza Umberto I, - Capri
Tel. +39 081 8370420
Autobus ATC
Via Acquaviva, 2 - Capri
Tel. +39 081 8370420
Autobus Staiano
Via Filietto, 13 - Anacapri
Tel. +39 081 8372422

Download the schedule PDF

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