The Weather on Capri - Season by Season

When is the best time of year to visit Capri?

  • The Weather on Capri - Season by Season
  • The Weather on Capri - Season by Season
  • The Weather on Capri - Season by Season
  • The Weather on Capri - Season by Season
  • The Weather on Capri - Season by Season

We are asked all the time about the weather on Capri, Italy and when is the best time of year to visit.

Our favorite months are May, June, and September, but each season has its unique beauty on Capri, though there are downsides to each, as well. Here is our take, from the point of view of island locals who live on Capri all year round!

Capri's tourist season officially runs from Easter to the first weekend of November.

The Most Beautiful Months: Capri in May, June, and September

May, the first half of June, and September: these are, in our opinion, the most beautiful months on Capri island.

The sea is warm enough to swim and the island still relatively quiet, especially in the evening when the lion's share of daytrippers have left for the mainland.

Hotels, shops, and restaurants are all open and many accommodations on Capri offer special rates.

The Weather on Capri in May, June, and September (averages)
Month Temperature Days of Rain Sea temperature
May 12° - 22° 5 21°
June 16° - 26° 2 24°
September 16° - 29° 3 25°
  • Mild weather, ideal for walking and swimming
  • Relatively quiet
  • Prices lower than high summer season
  • Possibility of rain

The Tourist Season - July and August

In local dialect, these months are dubbed a staggione, or "the season", perhaps because they are the most anticipated of the entire year.

July and August are the most crowded months on Capri, particularly with Italian visitors. The peak is in the month of August, but in the evening after the last ferries have departed for the mainland, the island returns to its peaceful languor.

The Weather on Capri in July and August (averages)
Month Temperature Days of rain Sea temperature
July 16° - 29° 2 24°
August 18° - 29° 3 24°
  • Low chance of rain
  • Perfect beach weather
  • You can dance until dawn in the clubs and spend you evenings "VIP watching"
  • High season hotel prices
  • Crowded beaches
  • Lines for buses and funicular

The Surprising Months of March, April, and October

The tourist season on Capri ends the first weekend of November, after which most hotels, restaurants, and shops close for the winter, to reopen only in March or April, depending upon when Easter falls.

March, April, and October are shoulder season months, during which hotel prices are lower and there is ample choice in accommodations.

In addition, you can easily find sunny days which feel almost like summer which are perfect for walking the trails which skirt the shore, losing yourself in the springtime blossoms or autumn colors.

If you are hankering for a swim, Marina Piccola is the best beach during these months, as the bay has southern exposure and is sheltered from the wind by the towering cliff walls; the temperature here is always a bit warmer.

The Weather on Capri in March, April, and October (averages)
Month Temperature Days of rain Sea temperature
October 12° - 22° 10 21°
March 6° - 15° 10 14°
April 9° - 18° 9 14°
  • Low prices and ample choices
  • Best months for walking and hiking
  • Possibility of finding long stretches of rain

Winter Island - November, Dicember, January, and February

Winter is the longest season on Capri, running from the beginning of November to Easter, during which the island shuts down.

From the first days of November to the beginning of March, the island loses its glamorous sheen and becomes once again a sleepy Mediterranean village. For the (few) visitors who arrive during this season, the unique experience of truly mixing with the locals for a chat or drink at the only café in the Piazzetta which stays open all year awaits.

The was a time in the past in which winter was the favored season for travelers on the Grand Tour, and artists and intellectuals would gather on the island to pass the coldest months of the season walking and reading. Anyone who has had the fortune to see the island on a sunny winter day can easily understand why this golden light and dreamy atmosphere was once the source of inspiration to so many...

Most of the island's hotels are closed during these months, but visitors can find a number of B&Bs open.
The Weather During the Winter on Capri
Month Temperature Days of Rain Sea temperature
November 9° - 17° 11 18°
December 6° - 14° 13 16°
January 4° - 12° 10 14°
February 5° - 13° 11 13°
  • Discover the more authentic side of the island
  • Feel as if you have the island to yourself
  • Meet the local islanders
  • Possibility of rough seas (and cancelled ferries)
  • Few restaurants open and few choices for accommodations


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