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Massages and Fitness in Capri - Via Marina Piccola
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Relaxing massage overlooking the Faraglioni

Massages with a view of the Faraglioni
Unwind on the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean
A relaxing day at the seaside in Marina Piccola

Why choose Cieloemare Wellness in Capri

Imagine a seaside terrace in Marina Piccola with a magnificent view over the Faraglioni where you can unwind with a relaxing are picturing Cieloemare Wellness, the massage center overlooking the Mediterranean Sea off Capri.

Let yourself unwind and recharge under the professional hands of Renato Federico, a massage therapist with decades of experience, so you are guaranteed an unforgettably relaxing break on the terrace of Canzone del Mare, the beach club that is part of the history of Capri.

You can choose between a number of different massages and treatments, including anti-stress, reflexology, pain relief, and slimming treatments, all in a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere with a uniquely beautiful view over the Faraglioni.

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Locations - How to get to Capri

Cielo e Mare Wellness di Renato is located inside the landmark Canzone del mare beach club in Marina Piccola.


Cieloemare Wellness
Massages and Fitness in Capri - Via Marina Piccola
+39 328 3385345