Claudia Gioielli Jewellers Anacapri

Claudia Gioielli Anacapri

The historic jeweler in Anacapri

Via G. Orlandi, 199/201 - Anacapri
Claudia Gioielli Jewellers Anacapri

Claudia Gioielli - The historic jeweler in Anacapri

  • Sterling silver picture frames and decor
  • Mondaine watches
  • Creations by some of the leading jewelry designers

Claudia Gioielli

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Claudia Gioielli - Anacapri

Since the 1950s, Claudia Gioielli has been the landmark jeweler in Anacapri. This historic shop was modernized in 2000 by Crescenzo and Claudia at the urging their grandmother, Claudia D'Angelo who felt that, given the shop's central location opposite the church of St. Sofia, the renovation would lend an air of elegance to the piazza

The selection of jewelry, both simple yet elegant, has been entrusted to Claudia's daughter, Marilena, who now runs the jeweler with her children.

The first jeweler to open shop in Capri, Claudia Gioielli is known for the quality workmanship and impeccable style of its pieces, which include casual accessories and stunning classic jewelry.

Claudia Gioielli carries a number of brands, including Crivelli, DonnaOro, Bruni Bossio, Marcello Pane, Giuseppe Mandile, Giorà, Angeli di Roberto Giannotti, Rue des Mille, Le Favole gioielli, Kissthefrogstudio, and Aline K, Filodellamore.

In addition, clients can choose from a variety of sterling silver accessories and decor from Argenesi, Sovrani, Egizia, and prestigious watches from Mondaine, and L’Ora di Capri.

Claudia Gioielli: Location

From Piazza Vittoria taxi and bus station, continue approximately 200 meters along pedestrian Via Giuseppe Orlandi to the Church of St Sofia in the heart of the historic center.

From the multistorey car park and the bus station for buses heading to the Grotta Azzurra and the Faro lighthouse on Viale De Tommaso, continue along Via Filietto in the direction of Largo Paradiso for 50 meters towards Piazza Diaz and the Church of St Sofia.

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