Cocktail - Wines - Anacapri

Local products in Anacapri - Via G. Orlandi, 111
Cocktail - Wines
Cocktail - Wines
Cocktail - Wines
Cocktail - Wines
+39 081 8373544

The perfect place to choose a local vintage or liqueur

  1. A vast selection of Italian wines
  2. Grappa and liqueurs
  3. Candies and chocolates

Why choose Cocktail - Wines in Anacapri

The wine connoisseur Ernesto De Angelis and his wife have been furnishing locals and visitors with the best bottles and gourmet treats from their Enoteca Cocktail in the centre of Anacapri for the past ten years. They stock over three hundred labels, from a vast selection of wines from Campania, to the prestigious wines from Piedmont, Friuli, and South Tyrol and the famous wines from Tuscany, vintages included. TThey also carry champagne, distilled spirits, grappa, olive oil, and a section dedicated to jams, sweets, delicacies, and quality chocolates.

Locations - How to get to Anacapri

Enoteca Cocktail, in Via G. Orlandi in the centre of Anacapri.


Cocktail - Wines
Local products in Anacapri - Via G. Orlandi, 111
+39 081 8373544

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