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Via Palazzo a Mare, 11
da Paolino
da Paolino
da Paolino
da Paolino
da Paolino

Dining under the lemon trees

  1. Enjoy the fragrant scent of 130 lemon trees in the garden

  2. For your appetizer, try the house speciality “bomba,” a pizza stuffed with tomato, mozzarella and prosciutto ham

  3. Choose from a wide variety of exquisite lemon desserts, each with its own unique twist

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Open for Lunch from April 13th till June 1st and from September 29th till October 19th (noon - 2:30 p.m). Open for dinner every day: 1st Seating for dinner 7pm 2nd Seating for dinner 11pm

Open daily

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from 21 October 2024 to 12 April 2025


Via Palazzo a Mare, 11 - Capri
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Moonlit evenings have an even more bewitching power at the da Paolino Lemon Trees restaurant on Capri. Run by the De Martino brothers, this Italian restaurant is an enchanting place that offers magical moments, which is why it is also beloved by a host of celebrities who have contributed to its success over the years.

The words of Goethe are alive and well at da Paolino: "Do you know the country where lemons flourish? Down-there, down-there, I'd like to go with you my love!!!" Although Paolino De Martino didn’t know the works of Goethe, the author’s words held a special appeal for this Caprese restaurant owner. The phrase evokes the exquisite garden at da Paolino, bathed in the yellow light filtered through the rows of lemon trees with their abundant fruit.

Paolino heard the phrase from a literary friend of his, one of those people who, as far as he was concerned, read a lot but thought very little. He was convinced that his lemon grove—which provided shelter from the wind and rain even for rabbits, and produced lemons so abundantly— was the most beautiful in the whole of Capri. "Under that sky of lemons as big as stars I'd like to go with you, my love..."

Paolino reminisced about how different times were 30 years ago, when one used to be invigorated by a simple sea breeze, and the moon with its soft beams appeared like a white sun thrown into the sky by who knows who and for what reason.

Back then, at the golden hour of sunset when silence returned to the island, many an islander chose to meet in Paolino's garden. It’s located near Palazzo a Mare, in front of Villa Bismarck, and just a few meters from the playing field where the children from Marina Grande kicked their first football. Traveling that narrow road, it abruptly transforms into a flight of steps descending towards the sea of Tiberio. Many a fleeting meeting and secret pact of friendship were made under that sky of lemons, huge lemons with such thick pulp that they could easily be sliced into salads, and so began the adventure of Paolino and his restaurant.

And, just like all stories where hard work and sacrifice are rewarded, visitors began coming from far and wide to dine at the restaurant Paolino opened together with his son Michelino (known as Lino). Famous and renowned dinner guests made their way to the restaurant over the years, including Stavros Niarchos, who arrived on the island aboard his superyacht Atlantis; Leopoldo Pirelli, president of Mercedes Benz; Conte Augusta, Giorgio Falk, Cesare Romiti, Gallucci, Matarrese, Morabito the president of Isreimer, Luca di Montezemolo and Edwige Fenech, Leonardo Mondadori, Dianne Furstenberg, Tirelli, Ferragamo, Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers, John Belushi, George Hamilton, Lino Banfi, Lucio Dalla, Luciano De Crescenzo, Nanny Loy, Lina Wertmuller ... celebrities whose autographs are all meticulously archived in the restaurant’s guest book, which has been treasured by Lino since 1978. How many tales are still to be told under those lemon trees where, "I'd like to take you, sheltered from the wind and rain"?

Guest reviews


Fun ambiance but average food

25 May 2024

Came for dinner on our honeymoon since it’s a must stop place in Capri. The ambiance is very cool with all the lemon trees and the service was fant... more »


Perfect lunch in Capri!

19 May 2024

Great lunch, amazing atmosphere, wonderful food! It was raining on a trip to Capri so we were welcomed with blankets and able to stay for a nice lo... more »


Beautiful restaurant but food and service was average.

17 May 2024

Was left underwhelmed after seeing all of the great reviews. Absolutely stunning restaurant with great ambiance, but my sea bass was overcooked (wh... more »


Great dinner but pricey

16 May 2024

Da Paolino is iconic in Capri and I was told by many it was a must go to. The atmosphere is very fun and cute. It was pretty expensive (even for Ca... more »


Ristorante Da Paolino is located in the Palazzo a Mare district of Capri, opposite Villa Bismark.
A 5 minute walk from Marina Grande, the restaurant is just a short taxi or bus ride away from the Piazzetta and the center of Capri.

Via Palazzo a Mare, 11 - Capri

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