Desiderio Gioielli - Capri

Jewellers in Capri - Piazza Umberto I, 17
Desiderio Gioielli
Desiderio Gioielli
Desiderio Gioielli
Desiderio Gioielli
+39 081 8370011

For your every desire...

  • Jewelers on Capri since the 1930s
  • Exclusive creations
  • Prestigious collections

Why choose Desiderio Gioielli in Capri

Desiderio Jewellers, in Capri's charming Piazzetta, was founded in the 1930's by Luigi and subsequently handed over to his son Paolo in the 1950s. Paolo is, to this very day, a key figure in the family business, assisted by his son and gem expert Enrico, and by his wife Paola.

The creations of Desiderio jewellers is characterised by the fundamental themes of taste and tradition, enhanced by the constant attention paid to the best of modern trends. Exclusive models are created by faithfully following the traditions of classical jewellery making.

Pieces of designer jewellery are also available, including internationally famous names like Crivelli, Pomellato, Mikimoto, Marco Bicego e Leo Pizzo.

Locations - How to get to Capri

In the famous Piazzetta of Capri.


Desiderio Gioielli
Jewellers in Capri - Piazza Umberto I, 17
+39 081 8370011

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