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Via Fuorlovado 21c
Farella Capri
Farella Capri
Farella Capri
Farella Capri
Farella Capri

Contemporary knitwear and textile design

Family business since 1990
Exceptional Capri craftsmanship
100% local and sustainable company


Via Fuorlovado 21c - Capri
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Farella Capri is a family business founded in 1990 to give new life and a modern vision to the ancient tradition of hand weaving in Capri. Since the very beginning, Farella has produced handknit and handwoven garments of exceptional quality, made with luxury fibers and sustainable materials.

The Farella boutique, located in the heart of the historic center of Capri just a short distance from the Piazzetta, is next to the Farella knitwear workshop and its textile studio. This is historically where the novice nuns of the nearby convent once worked with their handlooms.

In addition to selling its handcrafted garments, Farella Capri also offers exclusive experiences for visitors, such as guided tours and hand-weaving demonstrations in its textile studio.


Via Fuorlovado 21c - Capri