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  1. Promoting the cultural heritage of Capri
  2. Events from art exhibitions to performances
  3. International and local artists and intellectuals

Why choose Fondazione Capri in Capri

To promote the artistic heritage of the island of Capri, encourage cultural tourism and, at the same time, involve the local population in the production and propagation of art in all its forms: these are the objectives of Fondazione Capri, a nonprofit organization created by a group of the island's hoteliers and businesses.

With the aim of creating experiences capable of satisfying both visitors' and islanders' cultural needs, Fondazione Capri provides a unique showcase for international artists, whilst actively involving the local population in all its projects. The constant dialogue with the island's institutions is reflected by the rich calendar of events, which includes public workshops, contemporary art exhibitions, literary meetings and performances in locations which are chosen so that spectators are able to appreciate the incredible natural beauty of Capri.

Abitare la Bellezza is just one of Fondazione Capri's many successful projects. Every year this contemporary dance festival, supervised by Gigi Cristoforetti, enchants spectators with choreographies performed by artists of international standing. Like dance, photography is an important player on the island's art scene. In 2009, Fondazione Capri staged an exhibition of Wilhelm von Gloedon's works in Villa Lysis, once the residence of Count Fersen, and, in 2010, invited the Neapolitan photographer Mimmo Jodice to display his latest works in the Charterhouse of San Giacomo.

Locations - How to get to Capri

Although Fondazione Capri's head quarters are in Via Camerelle, the heart of Capri's designer shopping district, the foundation's presence is felt throughout the island. The art shows, conferences and theatrical events organized by Fondazione Capri are not only of great cultural interest, they also represent a fabulous opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful, and lesser known parts of the Island of Capri.


Fondazione Capri
Miscellaneous in Capri - Via Li Campi, 26
+39 081 8374082

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