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Località Faraglioni
La Fontelina
La Fontelina
La Fontelina
La Fontelina
La Fontelina

Swim at the foot of the dramatic Faraglioni

  1. Swim beneath Capri's iconic Faraglioni
  2. Bask in the sun on a soft beach mattress
  3. Sip their famed sangria

Closing period

from 17 October 2024 to 22 April 2025


Località Faraglioni - Capri
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Have you ever seen that gorgeous Dolce e Gabbana perfume commercial? The one where the bikini-clad model emerges from the turquoise waves like a sea goddess? Well, that commercial was filmed right here.

Before becoming one of the most beautiful and exclusive beach clubs in the world, the Fontelina di Capri was simply a place. A hidden, magical cove known only to locals at the foot of the Faraglioni, where the deep blue water reflects the sparkling Mediterranean sun on the dramatic cliffside, and the only sounds are the waves and the sea breeze.

Already during Roman times, a string of emperors and their courts had discovered this breathtaking beach, and made it their chosen seaside pleasure retreat. And with this winning mix of natural beauty and historic charm, the Arcucci and Gargiulo families have both conserved and shared the Fontelina with visitors for more than 50 years. Their hospitality is legendary, and their cuisine is unique and unforgettable; this is the perfect place to spend a day enjoying Capri's coast, stretched out on the soft beach mattresses directly on the rocky cliff, and sipping from a pitcher of sagria brought directly to you along the water's edge.

Guest reviews


Skip this one!!

7 May 2024

Really wish we hadn’t gone. Should have cancelled and ate the cancellation charge. Was looking forward to this beach club after seeing it listed a... more »



3 October 2023

This place should limit itself to the clientele they actually want. We booked well in advance for one day and they made it abundantly clear they a... more »



2 October 2023

Nice location on the rocks. You need a reservation in advance so make sure you book it if u wanna visit. Honestly it has a beautiful view but it is... more »


3-4 Hour Lunch Experience

20 September 2023

This is a great restaurant in which you spend 3-4 hours for lunch. That’s because it will likely take that long given the logistics of getting to ... more »


You can reach Fontelina by private boat or on foot, via the little path which starts just beneath the Punta Tragara viewing point. For the return journey, Fontelina provides a shuttle boat from the beach club to Marina Piccola.

From Marina Piccola the center of Capri is just a short bus or taxi ride away.

Località Faraglioni - Capri