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Fashion in Capri
Manè Borse di Capri
Manè Borse di Capri
Manè Borse di Capri
Manè Borse di Capri
Manè Borse di Capri - Manuela



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Hand-crafted bags with Capri glamour

  1. Purchase a hand-crafted bag from Laboratorio Capri
  2. Choose the exclusive “postcard” pattern
  3. Bring a bit of Capri home "in your bag"!

Why choose Manè Borse di Capri in Capri

Bring a bit of Capri with you "in your bag"! With the exclusive hand-crafted bags from Laboratorio Capri, you can lend a touch of glamour to your accessories and carry the most iconic sights on Capri from the Piazzetta and Faraglioni to the Blue Grotto, Via Krupp, and various other corners of the island on your bag with unique postcard-inspired patterns.

The bags made from canvas and leather by Laboratorio Capri are small masterpieces of artisanal workmanship that depict the most breathtaking sights on Capri in an elegant “postcard” pattern that is inspired by the timeless elegance of magical Capri.

The new line of bags is inspired by the creativity of Laboratorio Capri, a landmark workshop making artisan accessories on Capri that blends the fashion know-how of Michele with the artisan tradition of his parents, who have been famous among the international jet set for their impeccable work since the 1950s.

The result of this synergy is a collection of exclusive bags created for women who love the glamour and elegance of an accessory with undenyable Capri style panache.


Manè Borse di Capri
Fashion in Capri
+39 331 779 4994

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