Manè Capri Sandali Capresi Fashion Capri

Manè Capri Sandali Capresi Capri

Bring the chic island style home with you from Capri

Manè Capri Sandali Capresi Fashion Capri

Manè Capri Sandali Capresi - Bring the chic island style home with you from Capri

  1. Handcrafted sandals from Capri
  2. Quality that will last for years
  3. The iconic casually chic island style

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Manè Capri Sandali Capresi - Capri

Italian style doesn't necessarily mean stiletto heels. On Capri, elegance is on the "down low", a casual chic symbolized by the island's famed flat sandals, elegantly simple and subtly glamorous. With their comfortable leather soles and thin, decorated straps, these sandals are just as perfect for meandering the picturesque lanes on Capri as they are for turning heads on the city streets of the world's capitals during the hottest days of summer. Timeless styles and unmistakable elegance, from the basic leather looks for day to the elaborately beaded and decorated models for evening and special occasions, these handmade sandals are an island souvenir that will last for years.

Authentic Capri sandals are custom-crafted by hand, and finished to order. The lanes on Capri are lined with artisan workshops displaying their colorful styles in the windows, each with an experienced craftsman working quietly away inside to hand sew and nail each pair.

The Capri sandal collection available for purchase online through Botteghe e Boutique is all made by hand by historic artisan workshops on Capri. Each pair is created by a local shoemaker, which is why delivery times are longer than for other online collections...but the unique island style so iconic to Capri is worth the wait!

Manè Capri Sandali Capresi: our products

Capri sandals"Gladiator" model - "Da Costanzo"

€ 80

Capri sandals model Gladiator. Handmade with adjustable laces.

Gold Sandals - Da Costanzo

€ 90

Caprese handmade jewel sandals. Perfect for every occasion.

Basic Sandal - Cuccurullo

€ 75

Leather upper basic sandal with buckskin lace

Campanella sandals - Da Costanzo

€ 160

Jewel leather sandal embellished with two lively bells with Swarovski rhinestones. Handmade.

Floccule sandals - Cuccurullo

€ 70

Leather sandal with simple and plain leather blue and white floccule. Handmade.

Ice sandals - Da Costanzo

€ 200

Jewel leather sandal with light blue Swarovski stones. Handmade in Capri.

Turquoise Jewel Capri sandals - Da Costanzo

€ 280

Handmade sandals with turquoise Swarovski stones.

Jewel sandals - Da Costanzo Capri

€ 280

Gold jewel Capri sandals with double band closure at the ankle

Capri sandals knot model - Da Costanzo Capri

€ 80

Golden Capri sandals, basic know model. Handmade into Da Costanzo Capri shop. Available in every colors.

Brown Capri sandals, H model- Da Costanzo Capri

€ 110

Brown handmade sandals , H model with soft sole. Available also in other colors

White crystals Capri sandals - Da Costanzo

€ 280

White and silver Capri sandals created into the famous shop Da Costanzo. Other colors available.

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