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Via Regina Giovanna
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Via Regina Giovanna - Positano
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Trust this locally-owned boat tour company for your next adventure by sea along the Amalfi Coast! Let Sea Living show you the best of the coastline from the water, so you can experience one of the most iconic stretches of Italian coast like a local with a welcoming skipper and learn about the area's history and lore while taking in the stunning scenery.

Choose Your Route

There is no better way to discover Positano, Amalfi, and the other most famous destinations along the Amalfi Coast than by sea, far from the crowds and traffic on land. Treat yourself to a relaxing sail along the Amalfi Coast and explore the hidden coves, tiny villages, and breathtaking vistas for which the coast is famous worldwide.

Complete Freedom!

If you long for complete privacy and freedom, choose a private boat tour along the Amalfi Coast with Sea Living, and spend a full day or even just a few hours at sea exploring at your own pace. Choose where to stop to swim or explore, dock to sightsee on land, or have lunch at a beach restaurant....the itinerary is fully customizable!

Mediterranean Sunset

For a truly unforgettable experience, Sea Living offers an exclusive Amalfi Coast tour from dawn to dusk, as well as couple sails with a professional photographer on board for romantic photo shoots so you have mementos of your time at sea to last a lifetime.

Fly Across the Waves to Your Destination

Don't let snarled traffic and chaotic crowds ruin your time on the coast! Avoid stress and delays with a private boat transfer with Sea Living and fly across the waves to reach your destination in record time while you relax and take in the breathtaking coastal views. Make your arrival or departure the highlight of your trip!

Guest reviews


Great private tour and birthday celebration!

12 July 2024

We had a great trip with our family group of 12. We ranged in age from 18-61 and Maximo? provided outstanding customer service. He was very accommo... more »


Sea Living is based in Positano, the most iconic town on the Amalfi Coast!

Via Regina Giovanna - Positano

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