Tabaccheria Della Monica - Capri

Shopping in Capri - Piazza Umberto I, 11
Tabaccheria Della Monica
Tabaccheria Della Monica
Tabaccheria Della Monica
Tabaccheria Della Monica
+39 081 837 5934

Timeless elegance and tradition

  • The most exclusive smoking accessories on Capri
  • Games, chess sets, and travel accessories
  • High-end materials and leather from exclusive brands

Why choose Tabaccheria Della Monica in Capri

Since 1908, Tabaccheria Della Monica has been the leading boutique for elegant and exclusive smoking accessories on Capri, made by the leading luxury brands with the highest quality materials and most exclusive designs. This family-run business has been passed down through the generations, with its reputation for unparalleled style and durability intact.

A Family Tradition

This historic shop was founded in 1908, when watchmaker Giuseppe Della Monica was summoned to Capri to repair the famed clock on the tower above the Piazzetta. While on the island, Giuseppe decided to open his now-landmark Tabaccheria Della Monica in the heart of Capri town, which quickly became a beloved source of luxury smoking accessories for both islanders and visitors.

Quality Materials and Leading Brands

Cigarette and cigar lighters, leather cases, humidor, and other high-end smoking accessories are what Tabaccheria Della Monica on Capri is most known for, though the boutique has a vast selection of other gifts and accessories made with prestigious materials by some of the world's most exclusive brands.

More Than Smoking Accessories

Browse our selection of luxury leather agendas and diaries, bags, and wallets, as well as elegant pens, board games and chess sets, playing card cases, and travel accessories...all united by their impeccable design and top-shelf materials.

One-of-a-kind Gifts

Tabaccheria Della Monica also sells a wide variety of customizable accessories for smokers and beyond. Make a lasting impression with a personalized gift from our exclusive selection!

The most exclusive smoking and travel accessories on Capri, as well as cigars, leather items, and board games can be had at the historic Tabaccheria Della Monica.

Locations - How to get to Capri

The historic Tabaccheria Della Monica is located in the heart of Capri town, at no. 11 Piazza Umberto I (the famed Piazzetta).


Tabaccheria Della Monica
Shopping in Capri - Piazza Umberto I, 11
+39 081 837 5934

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