Capri Boat Service Luxury - Special Offers

Departure from: Capri

Luxury Capri Boat Tour by Fratelli Aprea Lancia/Gozzo

from € 150 Per barca | Max 9 persone € 180 -17%

Duration 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours

  • A luxury sail around Capri via a Fratelli Aprea lancia or gozzo boat, with welcome spumante toast and fresh fruit on board while we explore the island!
Excellent (142)

Departure from: Capri

Unique Gozzo Boat Sunset Tour of Capri

from € 150 Per boat | Max 7 passengers € 250 -40%

Duration 3 hours

  • Admire the sunset by sea off Capri and toast beneath the Faraglioni: a 3-hour tour via gozzo for an unforgettable sail!
Excellent (142)

Departure from: Capri

Sunset Tour by Speedboat

from € 280 Per boat | Max 8 passengers € 400 -30%

Duration 2 hours 3 hours

  • An unforgettable sunset off Capri to savor from your luxury speedboat, with a toast at the Faraglioni, cocktail snacks, and time on board until the first stars come out!
Excellent (142)

Departure from: Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Nerano

Capri Boat Tour by Luxury Gozzo from Sorrento

from € 450 max 7 passengers € 600 -25%

Duration 8 hours

During your stay in Sorrento, don't miss out on an exclusive boat tour of Capri! Depart from the port in Sorrento (from Amalfi or Positano too) on our luxury gozzo boat and sail to Capri, onboard picnic and swim. Visit the island by foot, then sail the entire island circumference before heading back

Excellent (142)

Departure from: Capri, Naples, Sorrento, Positano

Private Boat Tour of Capri by Speedboat

from € 499 max 10 passengers € 650 -23%

Duration 4 hours 8 hours

Discover the most beautiful hidden caves and coves along the coast of Capri by luxury speedboat! Choose a 4 hour or 8 hour tour to explore the breathtaking coastline, including sights like the Faraglioni, the Punta Carena lighthouse, and the famous Blue Grotto in style and comfort!

Excellent (142)

Departure from: Capri

Amalfi Coast Luxury Speedboat Tour from Capri

from € 800 Per boat | Max 8 passengers € 900 -11%

Duration 7 hours

  • A luxury speedboat tour from Capri to the Amalfi Coast for an unforgettable day at sea!
Excellent (142)

Departure from: Capri, Naples, Sorrento

Transfer Naples-Capri by Private Speedboat + Car

from € 700 Per boat | Max 10 passengers € 850 -18%

Duration 1 hour

  • All-inclusive transfer from Naples to Capri (or vice versa): pick up at the Naples airport or train station by private car and transfer to Capri via luxury speedboat.
Excellent (142)
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