Capri Pasta Delicatessen - Capri

Restaurants in Capri - Via Parroco Canale
Capri Pasta Delicatessen
Capri Pasta Delicatessen
Capri Pasta Delicatessen
Capri Pasta Delicatessen
  • Hours: No-stop 9am - 8pm
  • Open daily (from November to March closed on Sunday.)
  • Closing period: from 5 January 2024 to 11 March 2024
  • Via Parroco Canale - Capri
Capri Pasta Delicatessen - Giovanni



+39 081 8370147

Delicatessen and gourmet take away

  1. Order the delicious homemade ravioli capresi
  2. Top class take away food
  3. Excellent catering service

Why choose Capri Pasta Delicatessen in Capri

You're in the center of Capri and you're hungry, but you can't afford, haven't got time, or simply don't want to eat in one of the island's incredibly chic and incredibly expensive Michelin-starred restaurants.
No problem, we've found the perfect place: a gourmet takeaway within steps of the Piazzetta!
Just 30 meters from the famous square, Capri Pasta'' serves an amazing variety of snacks and readymade meals''' prepared using the freshest of locally-sourced ingredients.

Taste parade

A delicious display of flavor-packed pasta, succulent meat, fabulous fish, tasty tarts, sumptuous sandwiches and sensational salads: Capri Pasta's counter is a feast for the eyes and stomach!

Want to wow! your friends with a traditional dish from Capri? Buy some of Capri Pasta's famous ravioli capresi, sold in travel-safe boxes, and the success of your dinner is guaranteed!

Party time!

Not just a delicatessen and gourmet takeaway, Capri Pasta supplies professional catering services for cocktail parties, family celebrations and corporate events held on the island as well.
The Colavecchia brothers can set up a kitchen and cook almost anywhere on Capri and, if you haven't found a venue yet, they'll sort the location too.

Want to host a dinner, but rather not spend the whole evening slaving away in the kitchen? Capri Pasta's personal chef service is just what you need!

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Capri Pasta Delicatessen
Restaurants in Capri - Via Parroco Canale
+39 081 8370147

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Hours: 10 am - 23pm

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